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When Do You Need To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia?

When Do You Need To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia?

Criminal Defense Attorney PhiladelphiaBeing charged with a crime presents a very frustrating and often times confusing process for the accused. The legal system is such a complex system with ever changing laws and rules; it seems almost impossible to follow if you are not involved on a daily basis. So when do you need to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia? Spade Law is here to help you navigate through your legal process.

The first indication you need to hire Spade Law is if you have been charged with a crime. Any crime ranging from drug possession, embezzlement, to violent crimes, such as rape or murder would call for the hiring of a criminal defense attorney. Because these crimes listed are felony crimes, the accused could spend many months to many years in prison. Spade Law has expertise in defending the accused for a “Not Guilty” verdict or the minimum sentence for the crime that occurred.

Most people in the community are not familiar with the criminal justice system and the laws of their state when it comes to criminal law. Spade Law will be able to explain to you the formal process and why each step of the process is necessary. Depending on the type of case, certain paperwork and formal hearings are required which is the responsibility of the attorney to schedule and keep you up to date.

Certain crimes, if convicted, could result in significant prison time. A criminal defense attorney can help explain different types of sentences. A huge benefit of hiring a Spade Law is that they may be able to pursue a plea bargain, or have the potential sentence significantly reduced. If you are convicted and a sentence is handed down that you are not pleased with, the criminal defense attorney may be able to help with an appeal process of that sentence.

You will absolutely want to hire Spade Law if you will be going to trial. The attorneys are trained and know the specifics about trial; you will not want to represent yourself at trial. The defense attorney will be able to prepare all appropriate documents and defenses to get you the best outcome for the accused crime.

Lastly, if you are questioning whether you need to hire Spade Law, you may want to consider a consultation. This is beneficial to you and the attorney. You can give an overview of your case to the attorney and they can inform you if they are able to help you with the case. They can tell you what process they will take to resolve your case and an estimated time frame, usually dependent on the court.

The bottom line is, if you are unsure if you should hire Spade Law consider these: have you been charged with a crime? Do you have legal knowledge? Are you facing prison time?

Are you charged with a crime and going to trial? These are all indications that you need to hire Spade Law in Philadelphia.