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If you are facing robbery charges in Philadelphia, you need a bold Philadelphia criminal defense attorney to help you fight the charges. We can help!

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Robbery Charges in Pennsylvania

Robbery is the taking of property from another with force. Most people think of a purse getting snatched or a gunpoint robbery. Robbery is defined as a person, while committing a theft, inflicts serious bodily injury to another or threatens harm to another. With our skilled Philadelphia robbery lawyer on your side, you will be one step closer to fighting for your freedom. First, the Commonwealth’s job is to prove you stole the property of someone else from their possession. This has to be committed against their will and by using actual force or threats of a physical nature. The state then must show that by stealing the property of another person, your intent was to deprive them of the item permanently. As a former prosecutor, William Spade knows how to fully review the state’s case from top to bottom in order to to point out any and all gray areas in the case.

Robbery is a felony, but will vary in degree based on each case. Felony convictions are severe, and can include mandatory jail time. Without sound legal counsel fighting to have your case dismissed, charges reduced, or defend you at trial, life long penalties can occur. A criminal record will follow you and can impact future jobs and can restrict you from other privileges like voting or owning a firearm. With the help of a savvy Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer, it is possible to reduce the robbery charges and/or have them dropped. Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense AttorneyThis is where we can help. We are well versed in the justice system and pride ourselves on offering a valuable defense to our clients. You can count on us to explore every option from dismissal of charges to mitigated penalties.

A Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

Our criminal defense attorneys know that no two cases are alike. We provide a tailored defense for each and every case. We will take the time to get know you and review the specifics of your situation. No one likes a surprise. We will work with you throughout the process. As seasoned Philadelphia defense lawyers, we can explain very clearly what you are facing as a result of the robbery charge, and build a solid, comprehensive defense. Our firm has a long standing record of success in handling robbery cases. We will defend you tooth and nail!

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If you’ve been charged with Robbery in Philadelphia or surrounding cities, call the Law Office of William Spade today. We have over twenty years handling these types of cases. Rest assured, we will fight hard for you or your loved ones.