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Philadelphia Manslaughter Lawyer & Defense Attorney

Are you facing manslaughter charges in Philadelphia? If so, you need to retain a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer right away! This is a very serious charge and carries severe penalties. Our firm has a long standing record of success in handling these types of cases. Call us now!

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How is Manslaughter Charged?

Manslaughter can be charged as voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary manslaughter is the killing of another person in a moment of sudden passion resulting from incitement by the person killed. It is a felony in the first degree. A person also commits voluntary manslaughter, if at the time of the killing they believe the terms to be such that, if they existed, would justify the killing even though this belief is unreasonable. Involuntary manslaughter is the killing of another person as a direct result of your own reckless or careless actions. Whether lawful or not, it is charged as a misdemeanor in the first degree. There are some cases, such as if the victim was under 12 years of age and in the care of the person accused, it is a felony charged in the second degree.

Whether it’s voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, our Philadelphia criminal defense attorney is on standby to fight for your rights. As a former prosecutor, William Spade has a unique vantage point. He is able to look at the case details from both sides of the coin. Keep in mind to never make a statement to police without the presence of legal counsel. Even the smallest of statements can be twisted and used against you in a court of law. Police know after an arrest you are shaken and will try to use this to purger yourself. Let our veteran criminal defense lawyer put his skill set to work for you. Our law firm will fiercely fight to protect your rights and for your freedom from a manslaughter charge. The sooner you retain legal counsel, the better.

Philadelphia Manslaughter defense lawyer

A Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are facing such a severe charge, it is vital to hire a savvy criminal defense lawyer right away. Prosecutors will be diligent in their attack, and you need someone that will answer back to their allegations with fervor. Our firm offers a free consultation in which we will discuss the merits of your case. Every case varies, and the best way to come up with a strong plan of defense is to have an honest review of the facts. Our Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer will fight hard to have charges dismissed or lessened. We will make every effort to discredit evidence that was not obtained the right way. Often times “witnesses” are coerced or mistake you for someone else. Whatever the case may be, our legal team is ready to battle for you. We have two decades “under our belt” handing manslaughter cases.

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At the Law Office of William Spade, we know the gravity of charges for manslaughter in Philadelphia demands a skilled criminal defense advocacy. Call our defense lawyer today for a free case evaluation.