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Domestic abuse charges often cause turmoil for the entire family. If you have been charged with domestic abuse, it is vital to contact our aggressive Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer right away.

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Domestic Abuse Charges

A conviction for assault can have severe long term effects. If you are charged with domestic abuse, you may be worried about going to jail, paying fines and having a criminal record. To better your chances of beating the charges against you, you need to retain counsel right away. It is crucial to keep in mind to not make any statements to police. Our defense lawyer staunchly defend clients who have been accused of domestic abuse. Our firm offers a free initial consult to discuss the merits of your case.

You do not have to gravely injure your partner for it to be labeled domestic abuse. In recent years, the Commonwealth has amped up efforts to reduce domestic abuse cases. This results in harsher penalties. A crucial part to you clearing the charges against you rests in State’s case against you. They must prove that you willfully used force or violence. Sometimes, the alleged victim makes false statements. This can occur if you are in a custody case, or the other person is acting out of jealousy or spite. Contact us right away to get sound legal counsel and let us be your advocate for your domestic abuse defense.

Even an accusation of domestic abuse can cause damage. The charges can be filed as a misdemeanor or a felony. It can affect your job now or in the future, custody rights, reputation and record. You could face, if convicted fines, jail time, anger classes, rehab, and counseling. Even if the victim asks to not have charges filed, courts often will not dismiss the charge. With the severity of domestic abuse penalties, you need a bold Philadelphia defense attorney to protect your rights, your name, and your future.

Spousal Domestic Abuse

A Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

With over twenty years of tenure as a defense lawyer, we know the value in getting to know each and every one of our clients. As a former prosecutor, our lawyer knows what to expect from the State and how to prepare a solid defense. Our domestic abuse defense is tailored to every person, and each client is treated with respect and professionalism. We know this is a hard time for you and your family and we are here to help. We will address all of your concerns and fully explain all the options you may be facing. Domestic abuse charges can cause complete chaos. If kids are present, it can bring further undue hardship. You need a good criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights. We are on standby.

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