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Need a human trafficking lawyer? Human trafficking charges carry swift penalties and face ruthless prosecutors. If you have been charged with human trafficking, you need to contact a tough Philadelphia criminal defense attorney now to ensure your rights and freedom are protected.

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Human Trafficking Charges in Pennsylvania

Much to many people’s surprise, human trafficking is not a third world problem. It occurs right here in the US. It is a sensationalist crime, and will most likely garner media frenzy. You will be judged by the court of public opinion before you ever make it to trial. This is why you need bold, skilled criminal defense advocacy from an attorney who is well versed in handling human trafficking cases. As a former prosecutor, our firm is able to view the prosecution’s case from every angle and attack with fervor. With so much on the line, you need a fierce lawyer who fight every step of the way for you.

Human trafficking is defined as forcing or tricking another person into sexual commerce or domestic service. Involving a minor in prostitution also falls under that umbrella. These sex crimes can take on many forms. From smuggling illegal aliens, cheap labor, exploiting undocumented workers, sexual slavery, or even arranging illegal adoptions all apply. In many of these cases, the people do not speak English and are not fully aware of what is going on. They are scared to seek help from the police and do not know the US legal system. They most often are women and children.

Human Trafficking AttorneysHarsh penalties exist for human trafficking cases. The penalty for forced labor is a fine and up to twenty years in prison. When the human trafficking involves the sexual exploitation of a child, the prison term rises can rise up to 40 years. If a person dies as the result of human trafficking, you could get life in prison. With the severity of these punishments, hiring the right lawyer for the job is that much more vital. Our defense lawyer is not afraid to take on high profile human trafficking cases. If you need a human trafficking lawyer, call us now so we can help!

A Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

Our human trafficking defense attorney offers a free consult to discuss your case. With so many types of cases, not all are the same. Were you a parent who thought the adoption you paid for was legal? Were you aware that the housekeeper you hired was brought to this country as cheap labor when you employed them? If you have been charged, do not make any statements to the police. They can, and will, be held against you in a court of law. Whatever the case may be, we will take on your case and fight to have charges dropped or reduced.

Unknowingly involved in an illegal adoption
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At the Law Office of William Spade, our attorneys have been defending cases involving human trafficking in Philadelphia for twenty years. Call us today and get an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.