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Philadelphia Sex Crimes AttorneyAre you facing sex crime charges and need a highly skilled defense lawyer? If so, contact our Philadelphia criminal defense attorney right away to secure your future and name. Defending your freedom and ensuring privacy is on the top of our list.

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Sex Crimes Cases We Handle

Need a Philadelphia sex crimes defense attorney? If you been accused of, or have been charged with rape, child sexual abuse or any other sexual offense in Philadelphia, you need to retain a sex crimes attorney right away. Charges for sex crimes carry harsh penalties and social stigma. Your job, livelihood, name, and relations with family and friends could all be at risk.

Because of the mental and physical trauma sex assault victims’ go through, prosecutors are ruthless when it comes to trying these crimes. The impacts of a conviction include prison time, rehab programs, fines, and sex offender registration. A sex crime conviction can follow you for the rest of your life. It can make it hard to get a job or even attend some schools. Sex crimes can be either misdemeanor or felony charges. It is crucial, if charged with a sex crime, to hire a Philadelphia sex crimes defense lawyer who will take a zealous stance to mitigate charges. The sooner you hire a sex crimes attorney, the better. Our firm offers a free consult to discuss one on one the merits of your case.

Defense Against Sexual Offense Charges

Over the years, our sex crimes attorney has garnered a well-earned record for success in defending people facing charges for violent and sexual crimes. We take the time to get to know every client so that we can tailor their defense. Often, persons accused are judged right away by the public and police Sex Crimes Defense Attorneyas guilty just because of an allegation. Our lawyers work within the guidelines of the legal system to offer you fair and skilled counsel. Under Pennsylvania law, the testimony of one single witness, without any physical evidence, can be enough to sustain a conviction for any one of the sexual offenses for some sex crimes. Many times allegations are made out of jealousy or in custody cases. Our clients are always read in on the progress of their case. No one likes surprises. We know the gravity of your situation and are here to help. We will carefully prepare your case. As a former prosecutor, it allows the chance for me to consider all points of view. We know how harshly sex offenses are prosecuted, and we are ready to match the state with a well-prepared and aggressive defense. We share a deep-seated commitment to defending the rights and liberties of those accused of crimes. Our defense lawyers are on standby to help you.

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