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Philadelphia Tax Fraud Lawyer & Defense Attorney

Tax fraud convictions destroy lives. If you are facing charges of tax fraud in Philadelphia, call a criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of William Spade today for a free consultation. Many cases wherein the IRS charges someone with tax fraud, the person faces fines, penalties and interest many times over what the original taxes owed were. The stakes can be devastating. Often times, someone who is convicted of tax fraud by the IRS goes to prison for even longer than a typical violent crimes sentence. Don’t take that chance – get an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer with tax fraud experience on your side – call today.

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Philadelphia Tax Fraud Lawyer & Defense Attorney

Frequently, if someone has been charged with another crime, such as a drug offense, money laundering, white collar crimes, or other crimes, they get hit with charges on tax fraud as well. If this has happened to you, contact my Philadelphia criminal defense law firm today. We will work with you to investigate the charges against you, learn your side of the story, and come up with a defense strategy that can help you regain your freedom.

Tax Fraud Penalties

If one has been convicted of the crime, tax fraud penalties can be some of the most severe in the courtroom. The IRS wins many of their federal crime cases against individuals, and can tack on thousands upon thousands of dollars owed to them in penalties, interest and fees. These will commonly double, triple or increase even higher depending on the situation, and how long the circumstances have been going on. That’s why we recommend you call a Philadelphia tax fraud lawyer who will fight for your case, right away. As soon as you get a notice that an investigation will be occurring, or get arrested, or have an IRS raid occur on your property, take action. Call our office today for a free consultation.

With my team of forensic investigators and accountants, we will dig into your case and find the facts that will allow us to present the matter in your favor to the court. As an aggressive criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia that was formerly a prosecutor, William Spade understands the mindset of the IRS and the court, We will use that to our advantage when going through the evidence and defending you.

The prosecution will need to prove that you deliberately intended to avoid paying your taxes in order to have you convicted. We can help come up with a strategy that can avoid an intense investigation by IRS criminal investigators and criminal charges from their attorneys.

Tax fraud charges can include:

  • Failing to file tax returns
  • Inventing a false secondary address to avoid paying income taxes
  • Writing off personal expenditures as business expenses
  • Failing to report collected sales tax, or to report employees that were paid in cash

A Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

As a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer with vast tax experience, William Spade has been defending those who have been charged with tax fraud for many years. He graduated from a top-five law school and has the educational background to counter the suit. He is also a former prosecutor and can think like the courts will, to come up with a working approach to fight for your freedom.

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If you have been charged with tax fraud in Philadelphia or nearby areas, call the Law Office of William Spade for an aggressive criminal defense lawyer that will stand up for your side of the story.