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Philadelphia Tax Evasion Lawyer & Defense Attorney

Philadelphia Tax Evasion Lawyer & Defense Attorney

Tax evasion charges can cause you serious hardships. If you are being charged with or accused of tax evasion in Philadelphia, call The Law Office of William Spade for a free consultation. You need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side who will dig into the case thoroughly to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. That’s where we come in.

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We handle highly complex tax cases, and consult with financial specialists, investigators and forensic accountants to identify oversights and miscalculations in the case against you. Sometimes the IRS cannot differentiate between intentional non-payment of taxes and honest errors or accounting issues. We’re here to help you with your criminal defense case.

Tax evasion is the intentional and illegal avoidance of paying mandatory taxes to state or federal government agencies. It is one of the most frequently committed federal crimes. Ignorance or incorrect interpretation of tax laws is not a crime; the government’s prosecution must prove deliberate intent to avoid paying taxes before you can be convicted of tax evasion. If you have an aggressive criminal defense lawyer fighting for you, your case will be much easier to present in a positive light.

The penalties for being convicted of tax evasion are heavy. You can be seriously fined or sentenced to prison if convicted of cheating the government out of money. A defense strategy by an experienced lawyer should be completed as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to call us, the aggressive Philadelphia criminal defense firm, to set up a free consultation.

If the IRS is initiating an audit due to possible tax fraud or evasion because they think that you may be hiding information from them purposefully, they can assign IRS criminal investigators to your audit. We can work to help you avoid an invasive investigation or charges against you – call us for a consultation to find out what to do next, and what rights you have in the matter.

We understand that not all tax evasion defense cases involve wealthy individuals who are accused of evading taxes, although we have represented clients of this nature. Other tax evasion cases arise from things such as the establishment of trusts allegedly designed to obscure ownership of financial resources, or charges of illegal business practices that hide revenue and profits. We handle many types tax cases like these, in addition to tax evasion.

Tax evasion in a state or federal court may include:

  • Failing to file a return
  • Manufacturing a false second address to avoid paying state income taxes
  • Writing off personal expenditures as business expenditures
  • Creating an abusive trust scheme that transfers money on paper, while actually leaving the funds in the control of the original owner, negating taxes on the trust owner’s income
  • Failing to report that employees were paid in cash (“under the table”)
  • Failing to report collected sales tax
  • Failing to report cash sales
  • Selling illegally acquired consumer products, such as cigarettes or gasoline, without paying state and federal taxes on such items

A Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

Philadelphia tax evasion lawyer William Spade has been defending people who have been accused of tax evasion for years. As a former prosecutor, he understands the various components that go into a case like this, and can dig through the case to find the data that might not be being thought with by the jury, and present it in a favorable way.

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