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Philadelphia Insurance Fraud Lawyer & Defense Attorney

Philadelphia Insurance Fraud Lawyer & Defense Attorney

Insurance fraud conviction can change one’s life drastically; it carries severe penalties and heavy fines, and sometimes prison time. You need an insurance fraud attorney if you’re up against charges in Philadelphia, call The Law Office of William Spade and get an aggressive criminal defense lawyer with insurance fraud experience on your side. You need someone on your team who will put together the right defense strategy towards getting you acquitted, the sentence lessened, or the charges dismissed.

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An accidental telling of misinformation done in good faith would not get you charged with insurance fraud. There must be a way for the prosecution to prove that you knowingly schemed and plotted to lie in a substantial manner to get more money from a claim than was due, before being convicted of this federal crime. If this is happening to you, you need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side who can back you up and get your side of the story seen. Call us today for a free consultation.

Insurance Fraud Penalties

Penalties can range in severity from fines and community service that go with a mild misdemeanor to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and prison time. Here are some common types of insurance fraud that may require the services of a criminal defense attorney:

  • False property insurance claims – this would be when someone had an insurance policy protecting their home, business or another property and had exaggerated or fabricated damages to the property. This could be a homeowner intentionally ruining their home, or someone who owns a valuable claiming it has been lost or stolen in order to get payment for the valuable or home. This would also cover someone claiming more damage than actually occurred on their property to get a bigger sum in return from the insurance provider.
  • Fraudulent auto insurance claims – if someone fabricates a claim, or exaggerates a real one, to an insurance provider in order to get more money or a larger benefit from a claim, this would qualify. It wouldn’t be insurance fraud if the person mistakenly told an untruth to the company, such as an incorrect number on his mileage, however he should rectify that as soon as he realizes his mistake. To be considered insurance fraud, the person must have intentionally and deliberately schemed to lie in order to get money from the insurance provider.
  • Dishonest life insurance claims – if a Philadelphia citizen attempts to collect a life insurance payment by faking his own or another’s death, for example, by forging a death certificate of someone in the family to collect the life insurance money available, they could be charged with insurance fraud.

PA Insurance Fraud Attorney

There are two types of insurance fraud, referred to as soft fraud and hard fraud. Soft fraud is when one exaggerates an existing claim; if there is a legitimate claim in place and the policyholder asks for more than is due, or claims more has been damaged by the situation than really has been. Soft fraud is often considered a misdemeanor, and frequently has penalties of community service, fines, jail time of up to a year, and probation.

Hard fraud is when one completely formulates a story, or actually sets up a situation for something to happen to their property so they can claim the insurance on it. This is usually considered a felony, meaning it is punishable by the strictest penalties, including a prison sentence for many years. If you have been charged with hard fraud, you better have a good criminal defense lawyer in your corner.

A Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

You need an insurance fraud attorney on your side if you have been charged in Philadelphia, who has experience in the area and has won many fraud cases over several years. That is our defense team; we will dig into your case and find the best way to present your case to the court to attempt to get you acquitted or have your charges dismissed. This has been the case with many of our clients in the past. We can also negotiate a civil settlement with the government in many cases, which could allow you or your corporation to avoid criminal liability by paying a fine. You need to act fast, call us today for a free consultation.

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