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Philadelphia Mail Fraud Lawyer & Defense Attorney

Philadelphia Mail Fraud Lawyer & Defense Attorney

Mail fraud charges can ruin your life. If you have been accused or charged with this federal offense in the greater Philadelphia area, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney with mail fraud experience. The Law Offices of William Spade will do everything in their power to come to your defense and fight for your rights. Even in the case of serious federal crimes, we will use all possible resources to defend your freedom. We understand how serious mail fraud charges can be, which is why we will review your situation and get any and all information the federal agencies may have against you. With this, our fraud lawyer can assess the strength of their case against you, view how serious the penalties may be, and come up with a workable defense in your favor.

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Mail fraud is similar to wire fraud

It is a significant federal offense which involves using the postal system or another mail carrier as a way to orchestrate (or attempt to orchestrate) a scheme to defraud others out of property, money or valuables. Mail fraud holds serious penalties, and sentences can exceed $1,000,000 along with prison time, depending on the severity of the situation.

If you are facing criminal charges or accusations of mail fraud in the Philadelphia area, you need a criminal defense attorney who will research to get all of the information about your case and work out a criminal defense strategy in your favor. Call us, we will give you a free consultation and work with you towards your freedom.

In order for the prosecuting attorney to have you convicted for a mail fraud charge, they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you knowingly and intentionally schemed to commit a fraudulent act. They need to prove your intentions, and convince the jury that you came up with a plan to defraud other people or institutions, and that you used the mail to send items intended to deceive those people into giving you money or property. This would apply whether you had mailed them yourself, or had another person mail them for you.

It will be much harder for them to prove your intentions to commit fraud, even if there is evidence against your case. That’s why you should have an experienced, tough defense lawyer on your side who will fight to show your side of the story. Call our law office today for a free consultation on your case; we may be able to help you. We believe that people sometimes make mistakes, and deserve a chance at redemption. Our fraud lawyer will fight for your freedom if you choose us to represent you as your criminal defense lawyers.

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A Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

Philadelphia mail fraud attorney William Spade was previously a prosecutor and law clerk before he opened his own criminal defense practice in 2004. His academic achievements as a graduate of a top five law school, along with his experience as a prosecutor and lawyer provide him with the abilities needed to develop a strong criminal defense strategy for clients.

At the Law Office of William Spade, we will fight for your rights if you have been charged with mail fraud in Philadelphia or surrounding areas. Call us for a free case evaluation.