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What are Kickbacks and How are They Punished?

A kickback occurs when a person who sells an item pays back a portion of the purchase price to the buyer. Basically, it is a misuse of funds. Kickbacks often part of a corrupt bidding scheme, like when a company is awarded a contract by an official, even though they are not the lowest bidder. The company would then pay the official a portion of their profits through cash or other bonuses. Discounts, rebates, bribes, adjusted rent or lease payments and a waiver of payments are also examples. Often times, those charged with kickbacks do not even realize that what they did was a crime. Our Philadelphia law office is well versed with the justice codes on how to defend kickback charges. As a former prosecutor, William Spade is privy to how the other side will work to try and convict you. We will fully review the case from top to bottom and attack at all angles to prove you are innocent. Let’s get started!

Kickbacks falls within a sphere of practices often referred to as “anti-competitive practices.” Although relatively simple, it is a serious type of white collar crime. They hurt business by disrupting with the functioning of competition in the marketplace. Both sides of the kickback transaction are liable. Both civil and criminal charges can be levied against those involved in kickback schemes, including prison times and steep fines. A lasting criminal record and strict conditions of parole or supervision upon your release are also factors. Our Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer will work hard to get your charges dismissed or lessened. Call now!

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