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Philadelphia Immigration Fraud Lawyer & Defense Attorney

Philadelphia Immigration Fraud Lawyer & Defense AttorneyImmigration fraud is becoming a mounting problem in the US. If you have been accused or charged, you need an expert Philadelphia criminal defense attorney on your side to help fight charges and possible deportation.

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What is Immigration Fraud?

For many, becoming an American is a cherished dream. Many times immigration fraud happens because people are simply looking for a better life. They had no bad intent of hurting anyone or breaking the law. Most immigrants are committed to doing things the right way with the goal of getting citizenship. However, a backlogged and sluggish system can cause people to resort to using fake documents, false information, or sham marriages to try to become a citizen. Document and benefit fraud are the two main types. If this applies to you, you may be deported for immigration fraud. Our defense firm has over two decades under our belt handling immigration fraud cases, and we can help! Let us put our skills to work for you and give you a second chance of your dream!

Philadelphia Immigration Defense Lawyer

If you are arrested or threatened with deportation based on alleged immigration fraud, you will need to hire a lawyer who is well versed in immigration law so you can continue to live and work in the US with your family. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the better. All hope is not lost! Do not let a poor lapse in judgment or mistake cost you everything!

Immigration AttorneyClearly outlined laws and a keen Federal prosecutor will be looking to impose a max sentence. Do not panic! Our attorney is a strong advocate for those who are facing deportation proceedings from immigration fraud. Our firm can help review all of your options and decide the best plan of attack moving forward. We offer a free consult to discuss all of the details and have a better grasp on how to best tailor your defense.

Many options exist for us to prove that intent wasn’t meant to be harmful, or that you were unaware that your actions may have been illegal. We will make sure the courts know you do not deserve deportation and explore your rights to stay under an asylum or refugee status. Some cases are eligible to be released on bond. Once you are released, the authorities may choose to just close your case. Many viable options exist to protect you and your loved ones, do not take any chances by not having the right lawyer fighting hard on your side.

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If you or a loved one is facing immigration fraud in Philadelphia or nearby cities, call the Law Office of William Spade today. As an aggressive and experienced defense attorney, I am committed to keeping immigrant families from being torn apart. Free case evaluation.