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Philadelphia Embezzlement Lawyer & Defense AttorneyHave you been accused of embezzlement by an employer? If so, our bold criminal defense attorney is here to help fight and protect your rights and your name.

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Embezzlement Charges

Embezzlement is a major white collar crime. It is labeled as a form of theft. It occurs when a person, who was entrusted to manage or handle someone else’s money or property, steals all or part of that money or property for their personal gain. As economic times are tough, these types of charges are common. Did you make a poor choice to make ends meet? Were you falsely accused by your employer when funds went missing? In either case, our savvy Philadelphia embezzlement lawyer will fully prepare a tailored defense for you. We offer a free consult to discuss the merits of your case and give you an honest review of likely options so you always know where you stand.

Penalties in Pennsylvania

Embezzlement charges can carry steep penalties. Penalties will depend on the value of the property or money. You could face prison time, fines, probation and other punishments in Pennsylvania.

• $50 or less – up to $2500 fine, up to a year in jail
• $50-$200 – up to $5000 fine, up to two years in prison
• $200-$2000 – up to $10000 fine, up to five years in prison
• $2000 or more – up to $15000 fine, up to seven years in prison

Embezzlement charges can be rooted in personal or family issues, from an officer within a business, or you could be falsely accused by an employer. With any case, it must be proven that you had intent at the time of the “crime” or that you knowingly used the funds or property for your own use. Embezzlement Defense AttorneyCertain elements must be founded beyond a reasonable doubt. Our firm will review the prosecution’s case from bottom to top. We will hold them to their expected standard burden of proof. Rest assured, our legal team will fight hard for you and your rights!

A Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

Our defense lawyer has over two decades of defending embezzlement cases under his belt. He is well versed in the justice system and how to best defend you against charges. You can count on him to explore every option from dismissal of charges to arguing for lesser penalties. If you have been charged with embezzlement, call us now to secure sound counsel and ensure your rights are and freedom are protected. Keep in mind to never make statements to the police without the presence of legal counsel. Even minor statements can be twisted and used against you. We will always keep your best interests forefront. You are in good hands.

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