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Philadelphia Counterfeiting Lawyer & Defense Attorney

Philadelphia Counterfeiting Lawyer & Defense AttorneyCounterfeiting can carry severe penalties. This is why it is vital to have trusted Philadelphia criminal defense attorney to act as your advocate!

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What Counts as Counterfeiting?

The crime of counterfeiting is most likely linked to legal tender. In recent years though, this type of federal crime has spread to counterfeiting other products such as merchandise, documents, consumer goods, government bonds, and other forms. This means if you copy a logo or a signature, or items and try to pass them off as original, you could be charged with counterfeiting. The internet has equipped a means for more types of these cases. Mad, duped customers are often the ones to blow the whistle. Harsh penalties for conviction on these types of charges exist, including prison time and fines. Prior offenses are also considered. If you are facing charges because of a poor lapse in judgment, or you were unaware that the product you were selling or handling was not the original, we can help.

Types of counterfeiting can include private labels, forging signatures, bank documents (like checks), money, medical documents, prescription slips, or ID Cards. Whatever the alleged offense may be, our savvy criminal defense attorney will aggressively defend you to try and have charges dismissed or lessened. Those who feel they have been duped by a counterfeited product will be relentless in tracking you down and making sure you are prosecuted to set an example. Let us fight equally hard to protect your rights!

A Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

It is vital you have a skilled defense attorney on your side if you are charged with counterfeiting. You can count on our white collar crimes lawyer to provide the highest level of integrity as we build the perfect tailored defense. We will give a detailed review of the merits of your case to decipher if the charges against you are bogus.

Counterfeiting Rare CoinsOur team will comb through the prosecution’s case from top to bottom looking to discredit items not in your favor. We will attack with fervor to prove your innocence. Always keep in mind to never give a statement to the police without legal counsel being present. Even small comments can be taken and twisted and used against you in court. Our firm gladly provides a free consult, at no risk to you. We are here to protect your rights and your future. Our defense lawyer truly prides himself on being able to provide a value in our service. Not every case is a one size fits all, and we know that. We will give you an honest assessment of your counterfeiting case and prepare you for all likely outcomes. No one likes being caught off guard or not knowing what to expect. Call now to start getting answers!

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If you need an experienced counterfeiting defense attorney in Philadelphia, call the Law Office of William Spade. We have been defending clients from counterfeiting charges for twenty years.