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Philadelphia Bribery Lawyer & Defense Attorney

Philadelphia Bribery Lawyer & Defense AttorneyHave you been charged with bribery in Philadelphia or in the surrounding area? It is vital to know that you could face harsh penalties if you are convicted. Now is the time to hire a fierce Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer who is well versed in white collar crime.

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Bribery Charges

Bribery occurs when money, services, goods, info, or gifts are offered with intent to change the actions of the taker. You can be charged whether you offer the bribe or accept it. The exchange must occur with a government/public official or employee, so that they alter their behavior. Many forms of bribery exist. These can include bribery of a public official, a witness, a foreign official, sports contests, amongst others. Proving bribery includes proving intent to impact straying of one’s prescribed duties. As a former prosecutor, William Spade knows how to attack the case.

Penalties for Bribery

The penalties for bribery are severe. These can include prison time, steep fines, probation and other penalties. Further, a conviction for bribery can ruin one’s name, affecting your livelihood and family. Public officials may also be barred from ever being able to hold public office again. Bribery can take many forms and is outlined under many federal and state statutes. Let us help you dismiss or lessen your charges. Our defense lawyers are on standby to give you the sound advice you need to move forward.

White Collar Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer

You have rights. Do not make any statements to the police without counsel present. Any comment made, no matter how small, can be turned around to hurt you. Your words are often twisted to fit the Bribery Charges Philadelphiamold of the prosecutor’s case. Law agencies at both the state and federal level have teams who handle these types of cases. To fight these charges, you need a criminal defense lawyer who has handled cases at all government levels. Our Philadelphia law firm offers a free consult to discuss the merits of your case. William Spade is a seasoned defense attorney with two decades under his belt defending bribery cases.

A Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

As a bold defense attorney, Spade will work every angle under the law to provide a solid defense. Not every crime is one size fits all. Cases should not be handled in that manner either. We will avidly bargain for the most lenient options and strive to avoid any bribery conviction on your record. You are in good hands. We know people are imperfect, that is why we fight for all our clients to have fair treatment under the law. We will fight hard to showcase your unique position. The burden of proof in these cases is on the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

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