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Federal Crimes Defense Attorney PhiladelphiaFederal Crimes can be very severe and can include prison time and steep fines. You need a trusted Philadelphia criminal defense attorney with white collar crime experience by your side to fight for your future and your freedom. Let us help!

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White Collar Theft Crimes

With two decades of defending federal criminal cases under his belt, our seasoned criminal defense lawyer knows how to best combat white collar crime charges. These types of crimes can carry jail or prison time, fines, restitution, forfeiture, supervised release, and/or home detention. Our law firm handles all types of federal criminal cases:

What Defines White Collar Crimes?

White-collar crimes are often technical in nature. They misuse data or money on paper or electronically. Many federal agencies are involved in handling these types of crimes. Typically, the FBI, SEC, IRS, UPS, Treasury, and Immigration services are involved. Because of the gravity of the charges and the number of resources federal agencies possess, you need to hire a veteran criminal defense attorney who has a proven record of success in handling these types of cases. When your freedom and livelihood are on the line, we can help!

In white-collar federal criminal cases, you are often contacted and sent a target letter. Target letters are used during the target or pre-indictment phase of a white-collar crime investigation. As might be expected, a target letter tells the person their rights, above all their right to counsel Philadelphia Federal Crimesand the right not to testify. If you receive a target letter, you are most likely going to be indicted. Do not panic! Do not make any statements, as they can and will be held against you in a court of law. Contact our seasoned defense attorney in Philadelphia right now so that we can start preparing a solid defense. The sooner, the better.

Philadelphia Federal Crime Defense Lawyer

As a former prosecutor, I am well versed on the tactics used by prosecutors. During your free consult we can discuss them merits of your case and decide the best tailored defense. Not every case is alike. Often times, people do not know they were even doing a crime. Do not let a poor lapse in judgment or a simple mistake cost you your future. Defenses, such as entrapment or absence of intent, often apply. The prosecution must prove beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt. We will attack their case from every angle, proving you had no mal intent. They will be fighting hard to convict you; we will fight even harder! If you or a loved one is facing federal crime charges, call us now to make sure your freedom and rights are protected.

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