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Philadelphia Drug Trafficking Lawyer & Defense AttorneyAre you facing drug trafficking charges? Contact our aggressive Philadelphia drug trafficking defense lawyer now and put his experience defending drug crime charges to use for you!

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What Does a Charge of Drug Trafficking in Pennsylvania Mean?

State and federal laws are fairly similar in what they prohibit. The Feds are more likely to prosecute drug trafficking offenses and large scale deals. The State is more apt to charge for possession with or without intent to deliver. However, you can be charged with possession in federal court and with trafficking in state court. Whether or not you have been charged, or if you are being investigated, you need a savvy criminal defense lawyer who is a veteran at handling drug crimes in the Philadelphia area.

What are My Rights?

Police often try to coerce you into giving a statement by making false promises. Do not give a statement without the presence of a defense lawyer. Your words can be twisted. What is said in a moment of confusion can later be used against you. Say and do nothing. Call our seasoned criminal defense lawyer to represent you and your rights. The sooner you call, the better. Drug trafficking charges almost always involve gray areas related to your rights and police procedures. Finding valid Drug Trafficking Attorneyevidence on drug trafficking cases is not always an easy or clear cut process. To build the case, police will use informants, cutting deals with people in exchange for information leading to other arrests. Do not be caught off guard, secure sound legal counsel now!

A Skilled Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

Trafficking drugs, in some cases, can lead to mandatory prison sentences. We will listen to every detail of your case and provide a tailored defense. Often times, sentences can be mitigated to shorter jail times, probation, Drug Treatment Court, or even dismissal of the case. We know how harshly drug crimes are prosecuted, and we are ready to match the state with a well-prepared and detailed defense. We will build your case from the floor up, attacking the holes in the state’s case from every angle. Our skilled lawyer is well versed in the justice codes for drug trafficking cases, and will work within the guidelines of the legal system to protect your freedom with fervor.

As a former prosecutor, our firm’s drug trafficking defense lawyer is privy on how to respond to allegations and charges at the federal and state level. Drug trafficking in Philadelphia has severe penalties, which may include lengthy jail sentences, asset forfeiture, heavy fines, and involvement with Child Protective Services. Do not risk your livelihood or possible custody of your kids! Contact our drug trafficking defense lawyer for a free consult today and let us review the merits of your case.

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