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Philadelphia Cyber Crime Defense LawyerIf you are facing cyber crimes charges, it is vital to hire a bold Philadelphia criminal defense attorney who will fight to promote your rights!

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Cyber Crimes and the Penalties

Cybercrime is becoming more and more common. As more people have access to computers and mobile devices, it shrouds a certain naiveté that your crime is private. As technology grows, so do does the area of law around it. As a rule, a cyber crime is the use of a computer or device to commit, further, or conceal a criminal offense. Cyber crimes can include gambling, hacking, identity theft, schemes, copyright material, and even child pornography. Police are using more and more refined tools to address those who commit cyber crimes. You need a savvy lawyer who is just as committed. Our Philadelphia cyber crime lawyer has a solid record of success in handling these types of cases.

The penalties for cyber crimes are severe. They are handled by many agencies, including the FBI, ICE, and sections of the DOJ. They are subject to both federal and state mandates. They can include prison time, fines, probation and other penalties. Cyber crime charges involve interstate commerce, so they are handled at the federal level. Prosecutors have an ample supply of resources at their disposal. A conviction can ruin your reputation, and affect your livelihood and future employment. Do not let a poor judgment call or a mistake cost you everything! We can help!

Defense for Cyber Crimes

A Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney That Will Work Hard For You

If you are facing cyber crime charges, it is vital to secure a skilled lawyer right away. Whether you are being targeted, or have already been charged, our seasoned defense lawyer is on standby to help. We offer a free consult to review your case. Upon doing so, we will fully engage in the best plan to move forward to tailor your defense. We know that every case is not equal. As technology evolves, cases become more complex. You need a lawyer that knows how to uncover all the facts to build your defense. Our cyber crime lawyer actively keeps pace with new technology and the laws that apply to them. We will use experts and our own means to debunk the prosecution’s case.

Given the gravity of these charges, our attorney will build a strong defense to counter the prosecution. It is best to retain legal counsel as soon as you can. Our firm will fight your charges for dismissal or to be mitigated. As a former prosecutor, our Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer knows the varied tactics used by the other side. He will boldly defend his clients and their rights to ensure the letter of the law is followed.

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