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Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney William Spade

As a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney, William Spade knows that anyone accused of a crime has the right to a vigorous defense from a qualified lawyer. Whether a person is charged by local, state or federal authorities, government lawyers have considerable resources to pursue a case. As a prominent attorney, William protects the constitutional rights of defendants in criminal cases. As a former prosecutor, he is well-equipped to challenge the tactics and the evidence presented by the authorities. This gives him a clear advantage over prosecutors when it comes to presenting a clear and strong defense case.

Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

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With a team of professional investigators on staff, William will conduct an independent examination of the facts of each criminal case. He only takes on a limited number of cases at any time so that each client can receive the much needed attention for him to compile a strong and fair defense for his clients. It is not uncommon for defendants to be represented by attorneys who are overworked and spread out top thin. These lawyers don’t have the time and resources to adequately challenge the allegations and the evidence put forth by prosecutors. Attorney William Spade will provide a forceful and thorough defense for every client.

Federal White Collar Crimes

Anybody who has been charged with a federal crime, or who simply suspects that they are under investigation needs legal representation from a experienced lawyer immediately. Defense attorney William Spade offers a free initial consultation to evaluate the case. He can conduct an independent investigation that will help assess the facts and the evidence being presented. Over 20 years, he has represented persons accused of:

Preparing A Strong Criminal Defense Case

These types of "white collar" crimes often involve piles and piles of documents. The Law Office of William Spade has the resources and will take the time to evaluate all of the evidence involved. Documents of unknown origin or that were illegally obtained can’t be used as evidence of a crime. As a criminal attorney in Philadelphia, he has the right experience to challenge federal prosecutors when they try to use improper evidence.

Methamphetamine Charges

Federal Drug Crimes

Authorities typically use certain tactics in drug cases that should be strongly challenged by a tenacious attorney: improper evidence and exaggerated charges. Evidence that was illegally collected or improperly handled and tested can’t be used for defending during a trial. Using allegations of more serious crimes against a person who is only marginally involved is a standard ruse to force cooperation from a defendant. The prosecutors have to prove their accusations. The right lawyer will ensure that they follow all of the rules or the case can be dismissed.

Spade Represents Defendants Accused of:

A Highly Skilled Philadelphia Defense Lawyer

With years of experience in law, attorney William Spade has the right skills to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. His work as a lawyer includes time as a law clerk to a federal judge, as a prosecutor, and work in a large law firm. He is highly qualified to provide representation during investigations and court trials.

Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney William SpadeHe knows how government lawyers operate, and is prepared to fight for a complete dismissal or acquittal. When it is appropriate, he is a skilled negotiator for reduced charges and alternative sentencing. He also can fight for the return of property and assets that have been unfairly seized by the authorities.

In Addition To White Collar & Drug Crimes

William Spade also represents those accused of cyber crimes, sex crimes and violent crimes. When life and liberty are on the line, he stands up for the constitutional rights of defendants.

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